Student Services

M’Learnin educators and admin is here to help you at each step of your educational journey. We offer many of the essential information and guidance that is required for a student to successfully complete their courses towards the Ontario Secondary school diploma.

Program Overall

  • Our program’s goal is to provide accredited and quality education to our learners so they may complete their OSSD.
  • To provide students with an exceptional learning environment so they may succeed and give back to their community as the next leaders of our society.
  • To help students grow academically and morally, so they are ready to overcome any challenges.
  • To develop fairness, equity, and equality in the character of our students .
  • To value the roots of education and its importance by the student and parents

Final Exams:

Many Courses have a final exam that is worth between 10-30% of the overall grade. Students can write exams 3 ways:

  1. At the Center ( Mississauga, Ontario)
  2. Under the Supervision of Teacher via Skype/webcam
  3. With a Proctor

OSSD Requirements:

The following requirements must be successfully completed in order to obtain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD):

  • 30 credits including 18 compulsory credits and 12 optional credits*
  • 40 hours of community involvement (CIH)
  • Successful completion of the EQAO Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) or the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course


The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test ( OSSLT) is a proof of literacy achievement for all Ontario school students that must be completed successfully. It measures whether or not the student is meeting the standardized level of literacy till grade 10. The OSSLT is taken by the students in grade 10. If the student does not pass the OSSLT, he/she may write it again in subsequent years or take the Ontario Literacy Course( in grade 12 after failed attempts). Students can use the EQAO website to practice for this test using the past literacy tests. The Fee to write an OSSLT is $190 as a M’Learnin Student Centre Student.

Applying to College/University


The Ontario Universities’ Application Centre is an application processing centre for undergraduate admissions to Ontario Universities. All students apply to their choice of universities from that site, and universities will send their decisions based on the students records on that account.

Current Ontario High School Student (Code 101)
All Other Undergraduate Applicants (Code 105)

University fairs start taking place as early as September of that school year to help students explore their choices.
Below is the link:


Ontario College Application Service is an application processing centre for undergraduate admissions to Ontario Colleges. The OCAS receives student applications, processes them and transfers the information to the colleges. Colleges will send their decisions based on the students’ records on that account.

Below is the link:

International Students

International students can earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma ( OSSD) at M’Learnin

Student Centre while living in their own country, without having to apply for a permit.

  • Students get the Canadian High School Education Overseas
  • Students complete courses at their own pace, own time, and convenience
  • Have the prerequisites for Grades 9 and 10 courses if you are planning to come to complete Grades 11 and 12 at an Ontario HIgh School.

If any questions please email us.

  • Visa students – $649/course
  • International Students – $849/course

IEP and ESL Students

Accommodating the needs of students in the learning environment is one of the priorities and responsibilities of M’Learnin Student Centre. IEP and ESL programs ensures that the students’ weaknesses and strengths are outlined and accommodations are made in the delivery of the academic content that best suits the student.

Below are some examples, but not limited to:

  • Use of assistive technologies.
  • Differentiated instruction.
  • Flexibility in assessment.

Further accommodations for ESL students can be found under Considerations for Program Planning.

Email Us At:

Types Of Student Records

Student Report Card, OSSD, OST

Student Report Card

  • Received twice during the course- once during the mid of the course and one at the end after course completion.
  • Includes the course mark
  • Outlines the learning habits (Assessment and Evaluation)
  • Mailed to your school that has your student record.

Ontario Student Transcript (OST)

  • Outlines all secondary school courses completed by student from grade 9 to 12 (including all withdrawal and repeated courses)
  • Completion of 40 hours of community service
  • OSSLT completion and satisfaction

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

  • It is the accomplishment of all Ontario high school students
  • Achieved at the end of grade 12 after meeting all requirements
  • Issued by the school

Ontario Student Record (OSR)

  • A student file held by the school containing all the official records of the student
  • Protected by the Education Act and Freedom of Information legislation of Ontario
  • If you are full time student with Mlearnin, we will hold your OSR

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone! We offer courses to anyone ( highschool student, mature student, or an international student) who is willing to complete credits towards their OSSD, from any school whether public or private, any background, any country, province, or city. Please note that all courses are offered in English language, and students should be able to read and write and comprehend in english language in order to succeed in their course.

M’Learnin Student Centre will communicate with your current school if you are taking any online courses with us, and we will mail the report card back to your school. All the credits earned will be added to your Ontario Student Transcript and filed in your Ontario Student records.

The student should make sure that they have the prerequisite course before they register for any course, as outlined by the Ministry of Education. The students can find out what course is a prerequisite in the course outline on the “Courses” page.

Yes, M’Learnin student Centre offers full support and assistance to IEP students who are willing to get their highschool credits towards OSSD.

Students who have registered will have access to their online course 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Each course is expected to be completed within a time of 6 months. But we understand that each student works at a different pace so these courses can be completed within a time period as short as even 4 weeks to as long as 6 months, all up to the time and effort of the student.

Our courses are offered throughout the year, during the summer months as well for students who would like to upgrade, or do a new course.

We offer each course at an affordable flat rate, with NO additional costs for textbooks, workbooks, or any software or programs to purchase within the course. The prices include tax as well.

For Canadian residents:
Grade 9- $389
Grade 10- $389
Grade 11-$489
Grade 12- $489

For International Students:
Grade 9- $589
Grade 10- $589
Grade 11-$689
Grade 12- $689

However, for any extension of a course, it is $50 a month for all grades. The maximum extension a student may have is 6-months.

OSSLT- If you would like to write the Ontario secondary school literacy test at M’Learnin Student Centre in Mississauga, the fee is $190. If the student will be writing the test at any other location, there will be a fee of $300.

Yes, you can change a course after registration within 7 days.

Yes. As a ministry approved online highschool, our credits are recognized by the universities and colleges just like any regular brick-and-mortar schools. Our curriculum is designed to meet the Ontario curriculum expectations, so students are in alignment with the Ontario education system and have no problem at all succeeding in their post-secondary education.

Students need to have a computer or laptop, and a good internet connection. We prefer students to have a webcam or video accessibility so they may interact with their teachers as part of their program.

We offer at-site tutoring ( Mississauga) and online tutoring for various courses, to meet the students’ needs and convenience. For more information, please email us.

When you are near completing the course, you may select the day and time to write the exam. You may write the exam at one of the M’Learnin Student Centres, or via skype/video with your online course teacher ( fee of $75), or choose a proctor to write in the company of them ( fee of $100).

A proctor is someone with a professional university degree or college designation such as a teacher, registered nurse, librarian, lawyer, or chartered accountant. They should be able to read and write in English and be able to provide business contact information ( such as an email). The proctor should not be a family friend, tutor, or parent. You will need to submit a proctor approval form at least 2 weeks before writing the exam.

We will send your grades to OUAC/OCAS free of charge once you provide your reference number.

  • For any Grade 11 or 12 course,  withdrawal within one week of the first report card being issued will result in the mark not being recorded on the OST.
  • For any Grade 11 or 12 course, withdrawal after one week of the first report card will result in a “W” being entered in the “Credit” column of the OST( including mark).
  • For Grade 9 or 10 courses, withdrawals are not recorded on the OST

An “R” appears on the student’s OST (for the course with the lower mark). Please note, only one credit is still earned despite the fact that the student took it twice.

It is the responsibility of students to provide the prerequisite required for the courses and confirm their eligibility prior to registering. To waive a prerequisite course, please email at

The students must complete the courses within the 6-month time period. If the student needs to extend their time, please email admin, in order to prevent the removal from the course.

For more info, please read the privacy policy.

Please give us a call or leave us a message, we will be more than happy to help you out!