Role of Educators

The responsibility and role of the teachers and educators is to monitor student progress and provide constructive feedback and evaluation through assignments, discussion forums, online tutorials (blended program), and be accessible to the student when needed through email.

Student Responsibilities

  • Student’s behaviour and actions are safe and mature.
  • Student’s demonstrate honesty and integrity in their character and work.
  • Students show respect to all members of the school (students, teachers, parents/guardians and staff) at all times.
  • Students must show respect and care for the school property (ex. Online school site).
  • Students should show responsibility in terms of attending classes and regulating their work habits.

Students try their best in every aspect of academics, and take the initiative to use the resources.

Student Success

Students need to have a computer or laptop, and a good internet connection. We prefer students to have a webcam or video accessibility so they may interact with their teachers as part of their program during conferences.

  • Stable high-quality internet connection and an
  • Up to date laptop or desktop computer
  • Microphone and video camera.

Recommended Softwares/Applications:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Word processor
  • Microsoft Word
  • Excel

Terms & Reporting Periods

There are no official start or end dates for a term or semester. Therefore, the reporting period at M’Learnin will take place at three and six months, or 55 hours and 110 hours, into the course enrolment of a student. The 3 months or 55 hours will be the mid-term report and the 6 month or 110 hours will be the final report.

Sample Student Schedule/Timetable

Students are strongly encouraged and expected to log in to their student portal at least 3 times a week, in order to complete the 110 hours of course content. Failure to do so (for 2 weeks) will lead to a warning. Students can set their own days and times.

Student log in and complete the tasks and lessons Student log in and complete the tasks and lessons Student log in and complete the tasks and lessons


Student log in and complete the tasks and lessons Student log in and complete the tasks and lessons Student log in and complete the tasks and lessons

Attendance Policy

Attendance is a critical component of student success and learning process in a course. It is mandatory for all students to attend classes, sign in to their student portal, complete all assigned work, and participate in discussions/activities assigned by the teacher. It is the duty of the student to complete the minimum instructional hours outlined by Ministry of Education.

All Ontario schools are required to keep a track of student attendance. At M’learnin, the attendance is recorded for every student based on the number of times they logged in and completed their lessons.
If failed to log in for over extended period of time without any reports to the admin will lead to warnings as follows:
1st Warning: A student has not logged in to the course and completed any
work between 14 days.
2nd Warning: A student has not logged in and completed any work for 30 days.
3rd and last Warning:
If no communication or improvement in attendance is made from the student’s second warning, the student will be dropped from the course.
If this within a week after the midterm report card then withdrawal (‘W’) will be reported on their transcript.


Plagiarism is when you take credit and submit work that is not yours. It can occur in any course or grade level. If your teacher identifies plagiarism in any assignments or assessments, he/she will give a verbal warning to the student, alongside a mark of zero for that particular assignment. If plagiarism occurs after the first incident, further consequences will be given, which may lead to failure in course. The student may get the chance to appeal on the first incident to the principal and teacher. Students are to demonstrate their achievement with the best of their abilities.

Student Misconduct

M’Learnin educators and staff will try their best to report and take action against any misconduct of any student immediately. The consequences are listed below, and students should try to avoid reaching such circumstances in which such actions become obligatory.

First Occurrence: Verbal warning
Second Occurrence: Administration will contact the parent/guardian of the student
Third Occurrence: The principal may suspend the student for 7 days (week).
Final Occurrence: The principal will expel the student, and inform the parent/guardian. (Please note that no refunds will be given, and the student will lose their credit.)

Some offences that may lead to suspension or expulsion are: Unacceptable classroom behavior (during discussions, live tutorials, or on forums) towards peers and/or teachers, such as foul language or bullying, uttering threats etc. or tardiness and/or absence from class without any notice beforehand, continuous misbehaviour even after ample warning, more than once incidences of plagiarism or cheating or absenteeism from majority of classes for long period of time.

Appropriate Use of Technology

M’Learnin Centre is a fully online school, therefore the student must use the technology in an responsible, respectful, and safe manner, otherwise the consequences of inappropriate or unacceptable use of technology or the online platform may result in the removal of the student from the course without refund. In addition, the student and parent (if under the age of 18) will be contacted.

Below are some unacceptable actions (but may not be limited to the following) that the student may be identified with:

  • Offensive, obscene, or indecent material (documents, images, text)
  • Defamatory material
  • Infringements of copyright of another person
  • Handling of unsolicited commercial or advertising material
  • Causing technical problems such as corrupting or destroying other user’s data
  • Violating the privacy of others online

School Support and Resources Services

M’Learnin Students are strongly encouraged to get in touch with the admin, staff, or educators at M’learnin for any support, guidance, questions or concerns they may have throughout their courses or enrollment with us. We dedicate our time and experience to help our students at each step. Please email at and we will be happy to get in touch with you.
Here are few examples of support offered:

  • Course Selections
  • Support for English Language learners or ESL
  • Support for transition from middle to high school
  • Student support (how to create a schedule, how to do well in tests etc.)
  • Applying to university or college
  • Using resources at libraries in the community  (
  • Using online library such as: eCampus Ontario Online Library (
  • Strategies and resources (