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Our elementary program, spanning Grades 1 to Grade 5, covers Reading/Phonics, Writing/Spelling/Vocabulary, Mathematics, Science, and the Arts. We provide a well-rounded education that nurtures foundational skills, creativity, and a love for learning.

Elementary Programs

Reach Ahead Program

For Grade 8 students who display outstanding academic achievement during their middle school years, we offer a specialized student enrichment program that provides an early introduction to Grade 9 curriculum, allowing them to excel and advance their learning.

Middle School Program

Our Students

In our high school, serving Grades 9 to 12, we offer a diverse array of programs to suit individual academic paths, including De-streamed, Academic, and Applied for a well-rounded or practical approach, IB/IBT and AP for advanced and globally recognized curricula, SHSM for specialized career development, and Exam Prep to excel in standardized tests and college entrance exams.

High School Tutoring

Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Our accredited courses adhere to the curriculum expectations set by the Ontario Ministry of Education, making them suitable for Ontario high school students, mature students and international students who would like to achieve their educational goals within the Ontario education system.

High school Credit Courses


M’Learnin student Centre’s mission is to deliver the best of our academic support for students who are pushing the boundary to reaching excellence. Our vision includes the concept of successful students to bring a new vision to the rapidly changing society.

Today’s work and strength produces tomorrow’s bright stars who are the investment of this vision. We strive to maintain a consistency in reaching every aspect of a student’s learning experience. In the long run, M’Learnin’s entire focus is to establish a unique customized learning experience for every student while maintaining its core essence.


School Year Programs

Our tutoring program is designed to provide ongoing support to students throughout the academic year, helping them build strong academic skills and achieve their academic goals.

We offer flexible tutoring schedules that can be customized to fit your busy schedule. Whether you need tutoring once a week or several times a week, we can work with you to create a schedule that meets your needs.

At the end of each tutoring session, we provide progress reports to parents and students, highlighting areas of improvement and identifying any areas that may need further attention.

Summer Programs

Our program is designed to provide students with a fun and engaging learning experience during the summer months, helping them stay on track academically and prepare for the upcoming school year.

Our summer tutoring sessions are available for students of all grade levels and cover a wide range of subjects, including math, science, English, social studies, and more. Our tutors are experienced and highly qualified, with a deep understanding of the curriculum and teaching methods used in schools. We start by conducting an assessment to identify areas of strength and weakness, and then develop a customized tutoring plan that targets those areas where the student needs the most help.

March Break Program

Our tutors use a variety of teaching methods and techniques to engage students and make learning fun and effective. We use a combination of visual aids, interactive activities, and practice exercises to reinforce concepts and help students master new skills.

In addition to academic tutoring, we also offer enrichment programs that allow students to explore new interests and develop new skills. Our enrichment programs cover a range of topics, including art, coding, robotics, and more.

Early Literacy Program

Our Early Literacy Program is available for children from preschool to grade 2. We offer a variety of activities and exercises that help children develop essential literacy skills, including reading, writing, phonics, and comprehension.

Our Early Literacy Program includes the following components:

  1. Phonics instruction: We use a systematic approach to teaching phonics, helping children learn to decode words and improve their reading fluency.

  2. Vocabulary building: We provide opportunities for children to learn new words and build their vocabulary through interactive activities and games.

  3. Comprehension: We help children develop comprehension skills by teaching them how to read for meaning and understand what they are reading.

  4. Writing: We provide opportunities for children to practice their writing skills, including letter formation, spelling, and sentence structure.

  5. Reading practice: We provide opportunities for children to practice their reading skills, with a variety of age-appropriate books and materials.


Our program is designed to help students prepare for the EQAO (Education Quality and Accountability Office) and OSSLT (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test), which are standardized tests that assess reading and writing skills in Ontario.

Our EQAO and OSSLT Prep program includes the following components:

  1. Reading comprehension: We provide opportunities for students to practice their reading comprehension skills by reading and analyzing a variety of texts, including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

  2. Writing skills: We provide opportunities for students to practice their writing skills, including essay writing, paragraph writing, and sentence structure.

  3. Grammar and vocabulary: We provide opportunities for students to improve their grammar and vocabulary skills, including word choice and sentence structure.

  4. Test-taking strategies: We teach students strategies for approaching standardized tests, including time management, question analysis, and test-taking techniques.

  5. Practice tests: We provide opportunities for students to take practice tests that simulate the format and content of the EQAO and OSSLT.

ESL Program

Our program is designed to help students who are learning English as a second language develop their language skills and become confident communicators in English. Our ESL program is available for students of all ages and language proficiency levels. We offer a variety of activities and exercises that help students develop essential language skills, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

  1. Grammar and sentence structure: We teach students the rules of English grammar and provide opportunities for them to practice forming sentences correctly.

  2. Pronunciation and accent reduction: We help students improve their pronunciation and reduce their accent by teaching them the correct way to pronounce English words and sounds.

  3. Reading and writing: We provide opportunities for students to practice their reading and writing skills, including comprehension, grammar, and sentence structure.

  4. Conversation practice: We provide opportunities for students to practice their speaking and listening skills in a supportive environment, with a focus on building fluency and confidence.


We believe that the passion for education is not just for teaching and learning but also in the care and support given to students.


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  • We know that high school years are the most critical years of a student’s educational journey. Your academic standing and performance at this stage determines your path to post-secondary education. Therefore, being able to study online and complete courses at your own pace and comfort is the first step to success!

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    • M. Mirza
    • (student) 2018
  • I would like to say is thank you for all the help and extra support you gave, not only academic but moral support and helping me in the process of getting into the post-secondary institute of my choice. You made sure that I just don’t memorize concepts (which I used to do) but get an in-depth understanding. I would have not done without you guys.

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    • Ali N.
    • 2018


We are proud to be part of the Ontario education system, as it is committed to prepare the students to build the confidence and skills needed to succeed in the new emerging economy.